100% Secure Storage Track Record Since 2005

It is no one’s ideal, but it is a fact. South Africans have become conditioned to check whether many of the important, as well as seemingly insignificant daily decisions they make are, at least in part, based on whether a place, situation, or location is secure and safe.

Security Consciousness

This security consciousness has become a big part of our lives. It is a necessity. It is often an almost subconscious response to high crime rates and the varied factors that contribute to current lawlessness and unsavoury, opportunistic, or threatening behaviour – taking that which rightfully belongs to another for yourself, instead of finding legitimate employment and saving to acquire your own possessions and income.

Is It Secure?

Inadvertently, the question arises – is it (a place or situation) safe and secure? It is a question that applies to all manner of situations, from buying a home in a particular area to where to work, park, dine, worship, travel, holiday, shop, bank, and utilise storage facilities, to name only some.

Safe, Secure

At Quality Storage in Irene, conveniently located towards the eastern side of the Centurion, between Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Kempton Park, we are not qualified to advise you on where to dine out or conduct your banking. However, we are eminently placed to recommend the safe, secure, and first-class storage facilities which we offer.

Our faultless, 100% secure track record also speaks volumes about our success in this respect, which happens to be integral to our specialised enterprise, established in 2005. For those of us at Quality Storage, it is the only way to go, and it is what our satisfied and prospective clients expect of us.

Quality and Convenience

We did not simply pull the name “Quality Storage” out of a hat. It was chosen with good reason, in keeping with our ethos and practice. As much as our ongoing success depends on clients utilising our facilities, the quality and convenience of our amenities and services is also a vital component. This is one reason why we decided upon a self-storage operation, allowing clients to hire space to which they have access when it suits them, on a month-to-month basis.

Minimal Effort, Do-It-Yourself Options

Quality offers freedom of choice and an ultimately convenient and secure DIY storage option, without the hassle of actually having to do anything yourself, other than place and remove your currently unused possessions in a self-storage unit or secure, designated outdoor covered or open space.

Our enclosed locking units are available in dimensions and sizes that vary between 9 m2 and 36 m2 at monthly rates from R640 – R1975. Rates of R440 and R290 are respectively applicable to covered and open parking spaces. All rates are decidedly affordable and competitive. Locking units are insulated, dust- and vermin-controlled, as well as waterproof and fireproof, ensuring the integrity of your stored possessions.


Access to the well-constructed, neat Quality Storage premises is strictly controlled at the entry and exit points. Only people with genuine ID documents that are pre-recorded and filed in our office will be permitted to enter, while the latest, most effective security measures are in place throughout our complex to ensure that your goods are indeed safe, secure, and undamaged. It is what we do and what you deserve.

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