Self Storage

Affordable Storage Solutions

If you have never considered self-storage solutions for your personal or professional life, it might be time to reconsider. Space is one of the commodities that we as people will never have enough of, just like time. Unlike time, space can be bought, or hired on a monthly basis. This is where Quality Storage can provide a solution to the shortage of space you may experience in your working environment or at home.

Most people living in Pretoria are likely to stack their garages with everything they refuse to dispose of, including random equipment for the occasional braai or fishing trip. Some of them are their own bosses, meaning that they work from home, which results in not having the luxury of open working spaces for cabinets or other relevant items. Depending on your choice of profession, you might be at the point where you need some extra space for everything in your house that only gets occasional attention.

Self-Storage Solutions

With Quality Storage, we can provide a self-storage unit that is not only accessible throughout the year, but also covered by quality security measures, to ensure that your assets are protected from the criminal threat plaguing this country. Depending on how much space you need, we offer an affordable and comprehensive service to our clients, and you can also benefit from owning one of these self-storage units for yourself.

The Sizes and Prices

Our self-storage units are available in various sizes, to ensure that our clients do not spend unnecessary money on unwanted extra space within their units. We also offer open and covered parking spaces for when the holiday comes to an eventual end, and the caravan will not see any action until the following year, or any similar situation. Starting with the storage units, our smallest available units are 3×3 m, with a standard steel roller door. This unit goes for a mere R735 p/m, and will make a comfortable area for storing unused items like camping equipment and file cabinets.

Our next unit features a 6-x3-m space with a standard steel roller door, and will cost you R960 p/m. We also cater for higher and bigger self-storage units, with a 9×3-m high-lift unit available for R1 620 p/m. Should you be looking for an even bigger area, our biggest available self-storage units provide 9×4 m of open space, and can be yours for R2 360 p/m. These units are ideal for storing vehicles and similar items simultaneously. Should you want to store a vehicle and not want to pay that much, our open parking spaces will cost you a mere R290 p/m, with covered parking costing R440 p/m.

At Quality Storage, you keep your own keys to your self-storage unit – giving you peace of mind knowing that nobody but you will have access. Our storage facility is open throughout the year, and grants you access between the hours of 06:00 and 18:00, with identification being required before access is granted. Should you need more information, feel free to contact us directly with your enquiry. Let Quality Storage provide an affordable answer to your cluttered garage, and free up some much-needed space at home.

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