100% Secure Storage

100% Secure Storage

100% Secure Storage Track Record Since 2005

It is no one’s ideal, but it is a fact. South Africans have become conditioned to check whether many of the important, as well as seemingly insignificant daily decisions they make are, at least in part, based on whether a place, situation, or location is secure and safe.

Security Consciousness

This security consciousness has become a big part of our lives. It is a necessity. It is often an almost subconscious response to high crime rates and the varied factors that contribute to current lawlessness and unsavoury, opportunistic, or threatening behaviour – taking that which rightfully belongs to another for yourself, instead of finding legitimate employment and saving to acquire your own possessions and income.

Is It Secure?

Inadvertently, the question arises – is it (a place or situation) safe and secure? It is a question that applies to all manner of situations, from buying a home in a particular area to where to work, park, dine, worship, travel, holiday, shop, bank, and utilise storage facilities, to name only some.

Safe, Secure

At Quality Storage in Irene, conveniently located towards the eastern side of the Centurion, between Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Kempton Park, we are not qualified to advise you on where to dine out or conduct your banking. However, we are eminently placed to recommend the safe, secure, and first-class storage facilities which we offer.

Our faultless, 100% secure track record also speaks volumes about our success in this respect, which happens to be integral to our specialised enterprise, established in 2005. For those of us at Quality Storage, it is the only way to go, and it is what our satisfied and prospective clients expect of us.

Quality and Convenience

We did not simply pull the name “Quality Storage” out of a hat. It was chosen with good reason, in keeping with our ethos and practice. As much as our ongoing success depends on clients utilising our facilities, the quality and convenience of our amenities and services is also a vital component. This is one reason why we decided upon a self-storage operation, allowing clients to hire space to which they have access when it suits them, on a month-to-month basis.

Minimal Effort, Do-It-Yourself Options

Quality offers freedom of choice and an ultimately convenient and secure DIY storage option, without the hassle of actually having to do anything yourself, other than place and remove your currently unused possessions in a self-storage unit or secure, designated outdoor covered or open space.

Our enclosed locking units are available in dimensions and sizes that vary between 9 m2 and 36 m2 at monthly rates from R640 – R1975. Rates of R440 and R290 are respectively applicable to covered and open parking spaces. All rates are decidedly affordable and competitive. Locking units are insulated, dust- and vermin-controlled, as well as waterproof and fireproof, ensuring the integrity of your stored possessions.


Access to the well-constructed, neat Quality Storage premises is strictly controlled at the entry and exit points. Only people with genuine ID documents that are pre-recorded and filed in our office will be permitted to enter, while the latest, most effective security measures are in place throughout our complex to ensure that your goods are indeed safe, secure, and undamaged. It is what we do and what you deserve.

Self Storage

Self Storage

Self-Storage for Self-Sufficient Clients

Although it is not true in all circumstances and 100% of cases, many self-sufficient, very independent people believe and are fond of saying: “If you want something done properly the first and every time, do it yourself”.

On Hand but Not in Use

While this is not exactly our credo at Quality Storage, our enterprise revolves around the provision of self-storage solutions for individual persons, companies, and organisations that have possessions on hand, but that are not currently in use.

Undetermined Rental Period

These folks need somewhere outside their premises that is safe and secure to store their currently unneeded goods, since they do not have the required space and facilities to put away and accommodate these items – large and bulky or smaller and more fragile. The goods that they want to place in storage may need to remain there, in safety, for an as yet undetermined period of time, so a month-to-month rental would be ideal.

Alternatively, they may be in the process of moving to premises that are not yet ready for occupation or are currently occupied by someone else until a future date, but they’ve already had to vacate their present quarters.

Where to Go with Goods

Where can they go to with their possessions? Ideally, they want facilities to which they have access as and when needed, because they may want to retrieve an item that was accidentally put away, or they may wish to add a couple of items that were overlooked for storage. Quality Storage, in Irene, a suburb of Centurion that is quite near to Pretoria, has the solution for such dilemmas, for one and all

Month-to-Month Self-Storage Options

Our monthly rates for Quality Storage’s fully enclosed and open self-storage solutions are remarkably affordable, much to the pleasant surprise of clients who have possessions to put away and thus request our rates. We also offer storage units of varying sizes, which are:

  • R640 – 9 m2 (3 m x 3 m)
  • R830 – 18 m2 (6 m x 3 m)
  • R1550 – 27 m2 (9 m x 3 m)
  • R1975 – 36 m2 (9 m x 4 m)

These self-storage rates and corresponding sizes listed above apply to fully enclosed, lockable individual units. The rates listed below apply to covered and open parking spaces within our secure premises.

  • R440 – under-cover parking
  • R290 – open parking

Clients have access to their self-storage facilities 365 days per year, between 06:00 and 18:00, providing that their IDs are confirmed as being on file in our office by our 24/7 gate security officials.

At Quality Storage, we offer more than state-of-the-art facilities. We also offer impeccable security for your stored possessions, and have been doing so faultlessly, with a 100% clear insurance claim track record since our founding in 2005.

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

Sterling Track Record for Secure Storage

The reasons for the high crime rate in South Africa are many. All are hotly debated and most probably have merit. Nonetheless, everyone living in this magnificent country and for that matter, anywhere else in the world, is faced with the possibility of losing their possessions to burglary or theft.

Even though there are laws in place and the authorities, police force, and security services do their best to ensure that you and your possessions are as secure as possible, they are under-resourced and cannot be everywhere at all times to prevent crime from happening. All too often, they’re only able to operate and respond reactively, after the crime has already taken place and a loss has occurred.

Prevention is Best

Prevention is always better than cure. So, at the end of the day, it is really up to each resident and every organisation or business enterprise to engage the best possible measures to secure their own premises and everything on site, whether in plain sight and use or tucked away in storage. One should remember that goods, which are being stored, are particularly attractive to thieves, because such items are not in everyday use. Thus, it typically takes much longer for the owner to realise that they are missing.

As a company that specialises in providing self-storage facilities to clients who need to rent extra space to keep their goods that are not in use for a while, we are acutely aware of the crime tendencies in this country, particularly in our field. We provide state-of-the-art, secure storage options to which others entrust their prized possessions for safe-keeping.

100% Secure Since 2005

This also implies that our clients expect to not only find their goods whenever they wish, but also find their stored items intact, in the same condition in which they were put into storage. This is precisely what we have achieved since we first opened our doors to clients and their possessions almost 20 years ago, in 2005. Our 100% secure self-storage track record attests to the efficacy of our modern security systems and our commitment to our clients.

Security Measures

  • Two large entrance and exit gates, manned at all times – 24/7, 365 days a year – by security personnel who admit no one that is not recorded on file, via ID, in our office. Without the client’s express authority to access their unit (and thus our premises too), Quality Storage is a no-go facility.
  • Clients keep their own keys to their designated storage unit(s). Each unit is equipped with a locking device to which clients attach their own padlock, to which their keys belong. Without individually owned and kept keys, no one is able to access units and stored goods within.
  • Armed reaction by ADT
  • Electric fencing atop sturdy, secure face brick boundary walls
  • Perimeter beams, plus additional beams that cover all units’ doors
  • CCTV systems that record activity and movement
  • Floodlights, which make “light” of all corners that might otherwise provide concealed hiding places for wrong doers.

Lastly, but by no means less important when secure storage is involved, we have a heavy duty, large capacity generator to supply electricity seamlessly to all security devices on our property, if and when a power failure or outage occurs – a very topical issue as at the time of writing this piece (October 2019).


Storage Near Me

Storage Near Me

Secure Storage Near You and Me

In today’s typical South African urban environment with its heavy peak hour traffic patterns, frequently occurring congestion on the roads, high cost of fuel, and hectic lifestyle in which time is always of the essence, it is to be expected that you will want to utilise facilities and amenities that are near to you.”.

Where are You?

However, when storage is the subject/facility in question, it is only fair and realistic to ask where you are, failing which no one will know where the “me” in “near me” is to be found. At Quality Storage, we are very conveniently situated in Irene, a lovely leafy suburb that’s known to have a peaceful, friendly village atmosphere.

Due to expansion from various directions and quarters, today’s Irene is almost one with Centurion, which has grown at a rate of knots since the days when it was merely an outlying suburb of Pretoria, under another name – Lyttelton. Irene is now so near Centurion that it has become one of this city’s suburbs. Consequently, Quality Storage is very near to you, virtually on your doorstep, if you live in or close to these three plus their outlying areas.

Easy Access Equates to Proximity

Irene, Centurion and Midrand/Halfway House are located almost midway between Pretoria and Johannesburg, and are easily and conveniently accessible from a number of highways – the R21, N1, N14, R50, and P158 – and various secondary roads. As a result, people from a multitude of towns, cities, and areas surrounding urban developments find that our storage facilities are so conveniently accessible that they might just as well be in close geographical proximity.

Storage Facilities

We, at Quality Storage, pride ourselves on the top quality, state-of-the-art self-storage facilities. which we offer to those who require additional space to house their possessions when their own space is insufficient or temporarily unavailable for a finite or undetermined period of time.

Our rates are remarkably affordable, without compromising on the quality of the facilities we provide or the cutting-edge security measures that we have put in place throughout our premises. Current (October 2019) rates for lock-up, enclosed units vary between R640 and R1 975 per month, while open parking costs only R290 monthly and the monthly covered parking fee is R440.

Access is strictly controlled at an entry point; and no unauthorised persons are allowed to enter our premises. We make use of the latest surveillance, monitoring and CCTV recording technology, strategically placed lighting, security beams, and a host of additional methods to ensure that whatever you store with Quality Storage is as safe and secure as if it was not only near, but right there – with you.


100% Secure Storage

Storage Units

Picking Premier Storage Units

It is a clear sign of the times and mankind’s reliance on modern technology and electronic systems and devices that the latter elements invariably feature prominently on Google pages’ response to “define storage units”. We can understand this, because at Quality Storage in Centurion, we employ the latest state-of-the-art security and monitoring systems, most of which also have data and/or imaging recording storage capacity.

However, our units are “rooms in which items may be stored”, again as per Google’s information. Although this definition is, in essence, accurate, it does not come close to describing the most important features and aspects that set our facilities at Quality Storage apart.

Distinguishing Features

At Quality Storage, it is really all about the safety and security of our premises, units, and facilities on which the safety, security, and integrity of your stored possessions is dependent.

Seen from the outside, the tall, face brick perimeter walls that surround our property are solidly and smartly erected, having the appearance of an upmarket residential complex rather than a self-storage facility, and also portraying the high standards one can expect within. Walls are topped with electric fencing, and further secured with a system of perimeter beams.

Any person or vehicle driver wishing to enter through our manned, extra wide entrance gate must sign in with our security personnel, who check that the person’s ID is on file in our offices. Non-compliance means no entry and no access to units whatsoever.

Additional Security Measures

  • Security guards who patrol 24/7
  • CCTV surveillance, which is recorded
  • Floodlights ensure that there are no dark nooks and crannies where criminals can hide or remain undetected
  • Each storage unit’s door is further protected by beams
  • All systems continue to operate during power outages and failures, because our electricity provision is backed up by a large automatic generator that takes over instantly, if and when there is an interruption in the normal power supply
  • Every unit has its own locking device, which you attach and lock up with your own padlock, to which you and no one else holds the key

Pick Your Unit or Facility

Our top-quality, secure lock-up units are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, enabling our clients to pick a size that best suits their budgets and requirements, depending on what they want to put away and how easily they wish to access individual items while they are being stored.

  • 3 m x 3 m – 9 m2
  • 6 m x 3 m – 18 m2
  • 9 m x 3 m – 27 m2
  • 9 m x 4 m – 36 m2
  • Covered parking spaces
  • Open parking spaces

Premises and units are neat, clean, and well maintained within our premises, in keeping with the appearance of our property from without. Wide paved roads ensure that dust is kept to a minimum inside our premises, and the width of the exit gate matches that of our entry point, both able to accommodate large trucks.

Secure self-storage units are fireproof, waterproof, insulated, as well as dust- and vermin-controlled, which are important factors when goods within may be unattended by tenants, the only people who have access, for considerable periods of time.

If quality is important to you in all things, including storage, then the impeccable, untarnished, security track record of our facilities should meet your needs to a T. That is but one reason why we are amongst the leaders in our field in Pretoria.

Storage Centurion

Storage Centurion

A Question of Quality – Storage in Centurion

Centurion is perfectly positioned in Gauteng for a business such as ours – the provision of top-quality self-storage solutions for companies and private individuals who require safe, secure space for the safekeeping of their possessions. A convenient, easily accessible location is integral to the ongoing success of an enterprise, such as ours – Quality Storage.

Central and Conveniently Accessible

In South Africa, roads are by far the primary and most popular means of moving cargo, travel, and transport. The N1 and N14 highways meet and cross one another in Centurion, whilst the R21 from the East Rand and OR Tambo International Airport to Pretoria passes right alongside Centurion and the adjacent CBD.

Additionally, the Gautrain rapid rail system has a state-of-the-art station here, so our city is very convenient and central to all that is happening in our immediate area and beyond. Our facility is close to the R21 in Irene, which was established in 1902 to serve the local farming community, and now a tranquil, leafy, uncongested suburb in Centurion.

City Status

Contrary to commonplace perception, Centurion is not a suburb of Pretoria. It is a city and has had City Council status since 1962, albeit under one of its former names – Lyttelton. Lyttelton was renamed Verwoerdburg in 1967, in recognition of one of the country’s late prime ministers, a name which numerous South Africans found objectionable.

Consequently, residents chose a completely neutral name without any political associations in 1995, today’s Centurion. It is a city in its own right, an important part of the City of Tshwane (Pretoria) Metropolitan Municipality, and the home of our concern.

Unquestionable Quality

Whilst we are perfectly happy to assure you of the superior quality of our storage facilities at Quality Storage, but we are equally proud to let our self-storage track record speak for itself. Our premises and customers’ stored goods have been 100% secure since our founding in 2005.

We have maintained this faultless security record because we remain unquestionably focused on the quality of our services and the security of our premises and your possessions, packed away in your exclusive use unit(s), despite allowing bona fide clients or tenants access 365 days per year, between 06:00 and 18:00.

Peace of Mind

By the same token, absolutely no one whose ID is not on file in our office is permitted access to the premises by our gate security personnel, a rigorously enforced rule. At Quality Storage in Centurion, you and only you, or your officially appointed proxy, is able to gain access to our secure, monitored premises and your lock-up unit, to which only you have keys. Your peace of mind is virtually as good as guaranteed, likewise the security of your prized possessions.

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