Picking Premier Storage Units

It is a clear sign of the times and mankind’s reliance on modern technology and electronic systems and devices that the latter elements invariably feature prominently on Google pages’ response to “define storage units”. We can understand this, because at Quality Storage in Centurion, we employ the latest state-of-the-art security and monitoring systems, most of which also have data and/or imaging recording storage capacity.

However, our units are “rooms in which items may be stored”, again as per Google’s information. Although this definition is, in essence, accurate, it does not come close to describing the most important features and aspects that set our facilities at Quality Storage apart.

Distinguishing Features

At Quality Storage, it is really all about the safety and security of our premises, units, and facilities on which the safety, security, and integrity of your stored possessions is dependent.

Seen from the outside, the tall, face brick perimeter walls that surround our property are solidly and smartly erected, having the appearance of an upmarket residential complex rather than a self-storage facility, and also portraying the high standards one can expect within. Walls are topped with electric fencing, and further secured with a system of perimeter beams.

Any person or vehicle driver wishing to enter through our manned, extra wide entrance gate must sign in with our security personnel, who check that the person’s ID is on file in our offices. Non-compliance means no entry and no access to units whatsoever.

Additional Security Measures

  • Security guards who patrol 24/7
  • CCTV surveillance, which is recorded
  • Floodlights ensure that there are no dark nooks and crannies where criminals can hide or remain undetected
  • Each storage unit’s door is further protected by beams
  • All systems continue to operate during power outages and failures, because our electricity provision is backed up by a large automatic generator that takes over instantly, if and when there is an interruption in the normal power supply
  • Every unit has its own locking device, which you attach and lock up with your own padlock, to which you and no one else holds the key

Pick Your Unit or Facility

Our top-quality, secure lock-up units are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, enabling our clients to pick a size that best suits their budgets and requirements, depending on what they want to put away and how easily they wish to access individual items while they are being stored.

  • 3 m x 3 m – 9 m2
  • 6 m x 3 m – 18 m2
  • 9 m x 3 m – 27 m2
  • 9 m x 4 m – 36 m2
  • Covered parking spaces
  • Open parking spaces

Premises and units are neat, clean, and well maintained within our premises, in keeping with the appearance of our property from without. Wide paved roads ensure that dust is kept to a minimum inside our premises, and the width of the exit gate matches that of our entry point, both able to accommodate large trucks.

Secure self-storage units are fireproof, waterproof, insulated, as well as dust- and vermin-controlled, which are important factors when goods within may be unattended by tenants, the only people who have access, for considerable periods of time.

If quality is important to you in all things, including storage, then the impeccable, untarnished, security track record of our facilities should meet your needs to a T. That is but one reason why we are amongst the leaders in our field in Pretoria.

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