Looking for Secure Self-Storage Units in Gauteng? Quality Storage Can Help!


If you are in need of secure self-storage for the short, medium, or long term, Quality Storage in Pretoria is the place to be. We have been providing high-quality, secure self-storage for many different customers since we opened in 2005. We have worked hard to build our excellent reputation in the storage industry, and we have a 100% track record when it comes to secure self-storage! This means that if you have to store your valuable good, furniture, antiques, stock, or vehicles, you can rest assured that your storage unit will be well taken care of and that your goods will always be safe with us.

Because we know that theft is rife in this area, security is our number one priority. This is why we have invested in some of the most modern security solutions. Access to our facility is very strictly controlled around the clock. We do regular checks around the facilities, and our well-trained and qualified security guards are alert and ready to deal with any unauthorised access or other problems on the site.


We are one of the few secure self-storage facilities that allow our customers access to their goods around the clock, all year round. Most other storage facilities only operate during working hours, but for those customers who need to collect or deliver goods to their storage units at odd hours, we are the best bet. We provide storage units that range from small sizes to very large, and we are able to accommodate just about anything that needs to be stored.


We also ensure that our customers can deliver and collect their goods with ease, and as a result, we have two large entrances and exits, and wide driveways in between the storage units to accommodate vehicles as large as trucks and as small as a family vehicle. This means that there is more than enough space to facilitate ease of movement. All our roads are paved and kept neat and tidy at all times.


We are also serious about keeping your goods in good condition, which is why we have implemented special measures, such as regular vermin control, fireproofing, waterproofing, and even dust proofing. Our secure self-storage units are all insulated and temperature controlled to keep the temperature inside the units regulated.


If you are looking for a secure self-storage facility in Pretoria, give our team at Quality Storage a call today to book your storage unit, and we will take care of the rest!

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