Storage space, be it in Pretoria or anywhere else in the rest of the world, is always sought after. It is intended for possessions that are not currently in use, or that you wish to put away, but be able to access at will. Stored items are usually kept out of sight, for the time during which they are not required.

At a Premium

Even when people are house hunting, the amount of storage, or lack thereof, is always mentioned favourably or alternatively, as a factor that detracts from the appeal and functional aspects of the property. Nowadays, especially in and around a major, busy city like Pretoria (also known as the Jacaranda City), storage space is at a premium.

Lack of Extra Storage Space

Rapid urban development, expensive land, and high building costs all take their toll on the provision of storage space and facilities. This applies to ever more compact homes, offices, businesses, factories, and organisations, where records and files are kept or warehoused. A little, or a lot of extra storage is always welcome. It is often essential.

Independent Self-Storage Facilities

This need has led to the rise in popularity and provision of independent self-storage facilities like Quality Storage. Although most Pretoria residents love their subtropical city and prefer to stay put in this city, many people are called upon to move periodically.

Particular to Pretoria

Nowadays, Pretoria has a distinct international character. The city, in particular, is very much on the move. It is home to branches of the armed forces, academia, and a number of tertiary education facilities, several internationally recognised scientific research institutes, embassies, high commissions and consulates, foreign representatives and diplomats, and most importantly – it is South Africa’s executive capital city.

It follows that many of the role players who are associated with the city’s globally moving population are likely to require it. That is precisely when a great number of them require suitable self-storage facilities for their possessions for the short-, medium-, or long-term.

Access Any Time

Frequently, users of self-storage amenities need or prefer to have unrestricted access to their goods whenever it suits them, at any time, day or night. Without exception, everyone demands that their self-storage units and premises be safe, secure, guarded, and access-controlled.

Quality Storage, conveniently located in Pretoria East, does more than comply with these self-storage prerequisites. We exceed them. Every possible modern security system that is effective in ensuring safety, security, and the integrity of your possessions and our premises is in place, which is backed by a large, automatic generator to provide a 24/7 supply of electricity to our cutting-edge electronic security systems, come what may.

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