Secure Storage In South Africa Is More Important Than You Think


We often find ourselves in unpredictable situations where we suddenly acquire the need to store some of our assets, furniture, or even vehicles. This could be due to a whole lot of factors; a new job in a different location, moving to a smaller home than before, having a spare vehicle that needs looking after while we do not use it, and also the buying and selling of a variety of items that we cannot find space for in our homes. In South Africa, the crime rate has reached an all-time high, and as a result, we need secure storage that we can trust implicitly. Many storage companies promise the world, but before you know it, the thieves get in, and steal property from seemingly secure storage facilities.

At Quality Storage, we know that safe and secure storage is in high demand, and this is why we go all out to ensure that we can provide safety and security for all our clients who choose to store their items and assets in our units. We have gone the extra mile to ensure that we have round-the-clock access control and perimeter checks, which means that your assets are well-secured and safe. Nobody can enter our premises without us noticing due to our stringent security measures.

In addition to secure storage, we also know that other factors can cause damage to your stored items, such as moisture, dust, and vermin, and as a result, we carry out regular checks to ensure that these items do not become a factor. We also have a variety of fire controls in position to ensure that even if a fire breaks out (for whatever reason) that we are able to shut it down as soon as possible, and minimise any damage to your goods.

If you are looking for secure storage for your assets, furniture, products, or vehicles in Pretoria, we are the people to call. We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation for safety and secure storage, and the management and maintenance of our premises are second to none. We have even broadened our driveways to ensure that all kinds of vehicles can gain easy access to our units. There is ample space for large vehicles to turn and park, and our security staff ensures that only secure patrons are admitted to the site.

Whether you need a large or small secure storage space in Pretoria or Johannesburg, we can provide you with everything you need. Just give our highly skilled team at Quality Storage a call today!

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