Secure Storage Near You and Me

In today’s typical South African urban environment with its heavy peak hour traffic patterns, frequently occurring congestion on the roads, high cost of fuel, and hectic lifestyle in which time is always of the essence, it is to be expected that you will want to utilise facilities and amenities that are near to you.”.

Where are You?

However, when storage is the subject/facility in question, it is only fair and realistic to ask where you are, failing which no one will know where the “me” in “near me” is to be found. At Quality Storage, we are very conveniently situated in Irene, a lovely leafy suburb that’s known to have a peaceful, friendly village atmosphere.

Due to expansion from various directions and quarters, today’s Irene is almost one with Centurion, which has grown at a rate of knots since the days when it was merely an outlying suburb of Pretoria, under another name – Lyttelton. Irene is now so near Centurion that it has become one of this city’s suburbs. Consequently, Quality Storage is very near to you, virtually on your doorstep, if you live in or close to these three plus their outlying areas.

Easy Access Equates to Proximity

Irene, Centurion and Midrand/Halfway House are located almost midway between Pretoria and Johannesburg, and are easily and conveniently accessible from a number of highways – the R21, N1, N14, R50, and P158 – and various secondary roads. As a result, people from a multitude of towns, cities, and areas surrounding urban developments find that our storage facilities are so conveniently accessible that they might just as well be in close geographical proximity.

Storage Facilities

We, at Quality Storage, pride ourselves on the top quality, state-of-the-art self-storage facilities. which we offer to those who require additional space to house their possessions when their own space is insufficient or temporarily unavailable for a finite or undetermined period of time.

Our rates are remarkably affordable, without compromising on the quality of the facilities we provide or the cutting-edge security measures that we have put in place throughout our premises. Current (October 2019) rates for lock-up, enclosed units vary between R640 and R1 975 per month, while open parking costs only R290 monthly and the monthly covered parking fee is R440.

Access is strictly controlled at an entry point; and no unauthorised persons are allowed to enter our premises. We make use of the latest surveillance, monitoring and CCTV recording technology, strategically placed lighting, security beams, and a host of additional methods to ensure that whatever you store with Quality Storage is as safe and secure as if it was not only near, but right there – with you.


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