In these days of rising, ever increasing costs attached to virtually every product and service, it is refreshing and quite unusual to find a company that focuses its facilities and services on its clients and their needs – at remarkable, affordable, fairly priced, and very competitive rates. The good news is that such a concern actually exists, and the provision of self-storage facilities is its field of expertise and endeavour.

The concern is called Quality Storage, our company, which specialises in making a variety of affordable, top-quality, and modern units available to clients who require such handy facilities for the short-, medium-, or longer-term. Our affordable rates are charged on a monthly or month to month basis, which suits clients’ varying needs across the board.

Parted from Possessions

No one really likes to be parted from their possessions for any length of time, but sometimes, this is necessary or unavoidable. We often find that the folks who make use of our facilities need temporary storage when they are moving the contents of their homes or offices in stages, especially when they have to vacate their old premises and the new quarters are not yet available for occupation.

Others may be downsizing, but do not wish to sell or otherwise dispose of goods that are not in use or essential on a daily basis. A third group may still be looking for suitable new premises. Self-storage facilities provide an ideal solution, because clients have access to their stored possessions as and when it suits them. At Quality Storage, this means that they have access to their goods 365 days per year.

Quick Q&A

For what more could anyone wish? The answer is “a great deal more”. Quality Storage’s features continue below, after typical concerns and questions that pertain to self-storage facilities in general:

  • Are the units individual or shared? – Individual
  • I need a small, medium, or large storage space. Are units available in a variety of sizes and charged for accordingly? – Yes
  • How are units secured? – An individual locking mechanism, secured with your own lock
  • Who has access to my keys? – You alone
  • Are additional security systems set up within the self-storage premises, as well as at key points along the premises’ perimeter? – Yes. Beams across all unit doors, plus electric fencing, perimeter beams, recorded CCTV surveillance, ADT armed response, strict access control, 24-hour security guards, and floodlights, which are supported by a large automatic generator, capable of maintaining the operation of all security systems, should a power failure or outage occur
  • What is the likelihood that my possessions may be damaged by water, fire, temperature changes, dust, and vermin? – Self-storage units are water- and fireproof, insulated, clean, neat, and dust- and vermin-controlled
  • What effective access control measures are in place at the self-storage premises? – CCTV recorded surveillance, 24-hour guards, and absolutely no access to any person whose ID is not on file in our office
  • Can entry and exit points accommodate large trucks? – Yes, through large, wide gates onto paved interior roads

Actions or in this case, records, speak louder than words. We are proud to refer you to Quality Storage’s 100% secure, self-storage track record since our establishment. Your peace of mind and assurance of the safety and security of your precious possessions at our self-storage facilities are paramount at Quality Storage in Centurion.

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