Building and locating our self-storage facilities in Centurion has turned out to be an excellent, well-considered idea and ideal solution to all concerned with top-quality self-storage facilities – ourselves and our clients. They include Centurion residents and businesses, as well as those from Pretoria, surrounding areas, and other towns that are relatively close to Centurion.

Location – Centurion

Pretoria is a large, sprawling city with many suburbs beyond the busy, bustling confines of its centre. If one is travelling from one side of this city, through the CBD to another suburb, located in an opposite direction, it will take ages. No one willingly wants to battle through heavy traffic and inner-city congestion. Time is money; and wasted time means wasting money, and in this instance, fuel too.

Although Centurion has grown and expanded rapidly, largely because of its location – a few minutes from Pretoria and relatively close to Midrand – the extent of congestion is comparatively minimal and ideal for moving goods to spacious self-storage facilities. By making use of the modern highway network that surrounds Pretoria and connects it and other towns with Centurion, one inevitably saves time, fuel, money, and maintenance costs on vehicles when travelling to and from our self-storage premises.

Size Counts

Quality Storage, our company, occupies purpose-built, exceptionally spacious, and very secure self-storage premises. We offer secure units of varying sizes, plus two types of parking spaces:

  • 9 m2 (3 x 3 m)
  • 18 m2 (6 x 3 m)
  • 27 m2 (9 x 3 m)
  • 36 m2 (9 x 4 m)
  • Covered parking
  • Open parking

First-Class Quality Features

  • Fair and affordable rates
  • Well-maintained, clean, neat, and tidy face brick units
  • Insulated
  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof
  • Dust- and vermin-controlled
  • Large entrance and exit gates, wide enough to accommodate all normal-sized trucks loading or offloading goods
  • Wide, robust, and neatly paved roads within our premises
  • Access to your own unit(s) 365 days per year, from 06:00 to 18:00
  • On occasion, later access may be permitted, by prior approval and arrangement with our office, which is open from 08:30 to 16:30 from Mondays, up to and including Fridays (the normal working weekdays)
  • Tip top security for your valued possessions whilst in storage

Additionally, our tip top security measures whilst your possessions are in storage are designed to provide you with access that suits you. Clients must have their ID on file in our office, and access will be denied by our 24/7 security personnel without it. Your self-storage unit at Quality Storage is fitted with its own locking device to which you attach your own lock, keeping your keys and ensuring that we keep your goods safe and secure.


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