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4 Tips for Finding Self Storage in Pretoria

Many of us need some form of storage at one point or another – whether it is to store furniture or other goods during or after a move, quality products that you want to sell, or just to keep certain items safe, it helps to know how to save money while doing it. Self storage in Pretoria and Johannesburg can be pricey, and how much money you save depends largely on how you utilise the services of storage companies. Here are some tips for saving money when you use self storage in Pretoria.


  1. Be Careful About What You Store: If you purchase a safe, you are certainly not going to fill it with worthless trinkets, so why store items that are virtually devoid of value? Only store the items that you really care about, or the ones that are expensive. Rather sell the items you do not need and make some extra cash. This way, you will get more value for your money and you will resist the temptation to turn your self storage unit into a very expensive garbage bin.
  2. Look Around for Storage: Do not only use the first storage options you can find on the internet. Do some research on the storage facilities near you. If you live in Gauteng, look for self storage facilities in Pretoria that will provide you with value for money. Certain precautions have to be in place in order to keep your things safe. Finding a place that takes measures against theft, floods, fire damage, rodents, and mould is worth it. Also do some research on the history of the business and see if you can gain some insight into their customer satisfaction levels. This will provide you with a better idea of the best self storage in Pretoria or surrounding areas.
  3. Look for Promotions and Discounts: Companies often provide discounts, which depend on the payment terms. If you are willing to rent self storage in Pretoria for a longer period of time, you will often get the best prices if you pay for the entire period up front. Sometimes, if you pay for an entire year, you may get one or two months for free. Other discounts can apply, depending on how busy the storage facility is, or how far you are willing to drive to get to the facility.
  4. Pack with Care: The size of your unit can be utilised a lot better if you are able to pack your items in a more compact way. There are professionals around that can help you achieve better results when it comes to space if you use them to help you pack your things into the storage unit. Not only does this mean that you can fit more items into a smaller and more affordable self storage unit, but you can also design walkways between items so that you can locate certain items when you need to.


If you want to save money on self storage in Pretoria, we are happy to help! We provide security and access control around the clock and will ensure that your items are kept safe and free from harm! Give our team at Quality Storage a call today!

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