Self Storage Pretoria

Affordable Extra Space


Living in Pretoria, we tend to run out of space quickly within our garages and backyards. Whether it is the caravan taking shelter in the garage, or the project car and the plethora of parts scattered around the yard, we all have space on our property that is unnecessarily wasted. This is where Quality Storage can offer affordable self-storage units in Pretoria to ensure that you can free up some space at home, and still have your caravan or project car safely stored at another facility.

Multiple Self-Storage Options

Should you be looking for a spot to park a weekend toy or a vacation trailer, we offer open and covered parking at competitive prices. Open parking will cost you a mere R290 p/m, while covered parking will only be R440 p/m, resulting in safe and affordable parking for any vehicle or similar item. Parking spaces are limited to one per item, so make sure that you have enough parking spaces booked before bringing along your bike.

If you are in the market for self-storage units in Pretoria that will not only provide enough room for your valuables, but also provide strong security measures to ensure that your belongings are protected from any criminal threat, Quality Storage is the place for you. Starting with a 3×3-m unit, available at the affordable price of only R735 p/m, you will have more than enough room to store your camping and fishing equipment, private file cabinets, and other items that might take up space in your home or working environment.

Scaling upwards, we offer self-storage units of 6×3 m, 9×3 m, and even 9×4 m for those who need their own private proverbial showroom to store all their valuables. Prices also scale depending on the size of the unit, with our 6×3-m units costing R960 p/m, our 9×3-m units ringing in at R1 620 p/m with a high-lift option, and our 9×4-m units coming in at R 2 360 p/m. Looking at these prices, you can now see that Quality Storage offers a viable solution to freeing up some necessary space in and around your home or workplace. As humans, we can never have enough space, so invest in some alternative self-storage options in Pretoria with our units, and reap the benefits from having more space to yourself.

Quality Storage grants access to our facilities throughout the year, with an identification check required before access is granted. You will be able to access your unit between the hours of 06:00 and 18:00 daily, and only you will have the keys to open your self-storage unit. For more information, contact us today.

*All prices are subject to change.

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