The Hallmark of a Reputable Self-Storage Facility

There are many self-storage facilities in and around Centurion vying for your business. So, which company do you choose, and how do you know that your goods will be securely stored and protected against dust, vermin, and the elements? There are a few aspects to keep in mind and specific factors to look for when choosing your storage provider. Identifying these factors beforehand will help you choose a reputable service provider that will keep your goods safe and secure as long as you need.

One of the first things any reputable self-storage provider will offer is round-the-clock security. 24-hour security is a given whenever you work with a well-respected service provider. Access to the self-storage units, however, is another story. Many self-storage facilities don’t offer 24-hour access to self-storage units for various reasons. This is considered an industry best practice. They should, however, offer reasonable access to your self-storage unit, which includes making access available during office hours, over weekends, and on public holidays. When you know the times, you have access to your unit, you can plan around it.

Consistency from the self-storage provider is also key in this regard. Another indication that you’re working with a reputable self-storage provider is that their units are fire- and waterproof, and are insulated to prevent damage made by dust, vermin, and natural elements. The last thing you want is to endure the devastation of rocking up at your self-storage unit one year later, only to find that your possessions have been ravaged by rats, for instance. Store your goods at a self-storage provider that guarantees your possessions will be protected from this.

Choose Quality Self-Storage Nearby Centurion

At Quality Storage, we provide our clients with affordable self-storage units that are available in various sizes. Each of these units is insulated, fireproof, waterproof, and dust controlled. We offer 24-hour security and 365-day access to all our self-storage units. The location of our self-storage facilities is also ideal, as we are situated near the R21 and in close proximity to Centurion, making our facilities easily accessible for people living in Johannesburg, Pretoria and their surrounding areas.

We have been helping South Africans, both individuals and businesses, store their goods securely for many years and continue to find more innovative ways to improve our self-storage units in order to better safeguard your possessions. If you wish to learn more about our self-storage facilities, rates and sizes, contact our team at Quality Storage today. We are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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