Even though South Africa is still a country with vast open spaces and many villages, dorpies, and towns that are far from other human settlements, space, or rather a lack of it, is typical of urban homes, offices, factories, and other buildings, particularly when it comes to storage areas and facilities.

Inadequate or Insufficient Packing Space

Safety and security issues regarding storage facilities are very pertinent too. It is a problem that appears to be compounded in densely populated urban areas, where buildings are more compact with fewer or smaller packing spaces.

Responding to Increasing Needs

Quality Storage, conveniently located in Pretoria East, in proximity of various highways and access roads, has responded admirably to this ever increasing need and demand for the professional provision of safe, secure facilities for customers who have no or too little space available to stow away and store goods that are not in daily use.

The use of our self-storage facilities enable our clients to keep such possessions safe for later use, rather than being compelled to sell merchandise for next to nothing, simply because they have no space to keep them.

Impeccable Record and Range of Options

An impeccable, 100% record for security at our amenities bears testament to the quality of the security measures, which we have in place at our premises. Our range of top-quality storerooms is available in various sizes to suit most customers’ requirements, at very competitive monthly rates.

All units are fireproof, waterproof, vermin- and dust-controlled, and insulated to ensure that the contents, your valued possession, remain intact, safe, and undamaged, because this is key to the success of our operation and your peace of mind.

At first glance, you may well mistake each block of single-story units at Quality Storage for a row of townhouse garages in a security conscious residential complex. Upon looking more closely, you will note that our security measures surpass those that are normally present in a residential development. Floodlights are strategically positioned throughout our premises; there are beams across all unit doors, and CCTV cameras cover all the storage facilities’ frontages, access and exit points, and neatly paved roadways within the premises.

The high standard of our neatly built, individual units and store rooms comply with our company’s name and mission – the provision of top-quality, secure storage facilities by a concern that is focused on the safety of your possessions, while maintaining our reputation as one of Pretoria’s top companies in our field of endeavour.


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