Storage Facilities

How to Choose the Best Storage Facilities for Your Items

There are many reasons why people need storage facilities. Some just have too much stuff that they need to store in a safe place, others have moved in with a new partner and would like to store their own furniture and other items, some have inherited pieces that they would like to keep, and others have moved to new premises that are too small to accommodate all their furniture.

Whatever the reason, it is essential that the storage facilities they choose conform to certain standards, in order to ensure that their possessions remain in good order during storage. It is important to be secure in the knowledge that your possessions and assets are looked after during the storage period, and that you have access to these facilities when you need to get something out or even to add a few items. Here are some guidelines to choosing the correct storage facilities for your needs.


  • Type of storage: You will need to have a very specific idea of how much storage is needed and how much stuff is going to be stored there. Before you contact the nearest storage facility, be sure of your needs and the size of the unit that will be needed. This will ensure that there is space for everything you need. If there are any specific needs for the type of storage, such as humidity factors and climate control, or other things that may spoil your goods, you have to take these into consideration as well. If you are storing paintings or sculptures, for instance, very specific storage facilities will be needed to ensure that the conditions that these items are stored in are ideal.
  • Unit size: This can be a little more difficult than you may imagine. If you get a storage facility that is too large, you will waste money on empty space, while getting one that is too small may force you to hire another unit for additional items. It is best to create a checklist of all the items that are expected to go into storage, and the general dimensions of these items. You can also check for advice with the storage facilities around you to ensure that you book the right sized unit.
  • Location: If you will regularly need access to the storage facilities to retrieve or add items, you will need to keep it as local as possible. It has to be close to your work or home to prevent you from travelling for hours to get to the relevant storage facilities. Keep it as close to home as possible. If, however, you won’t need regular access to the items in the storage facility, the location is not as important, and you may be able to get better rates from locations that are further away.
  • Access: For some people, it is just not practical to only have access to the storage units during office hours. For instance, people who buy and sell goods on eBay have to be able to display goods during odd times and hours, and it is then important that they are able to gain access to the storage facilities around the clock. Ensure that this is factored into the storage facilities you choose, if this is important.


If you are looking for storage facilities to meet your specific needs, you should contact our team at Quality Storage, and we will help you to find the best possible storage facilities for your requirements.

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