Storage Facilities Near Me

Are There Storage Facilities Near Me in Pretoria or Johannesburg?

If you have ever needed storage and asked yourself, “Are there any storage facilities near me in Gauteng?”, you can relax, because at Quality Storage, we provide you with ideal storage facilities that you may need. We specialise in the provision of storage units for just about anything imaginable, so whether you need to store some extra furniture, a vehicle, or even stock that you need to add and remove constantly, you can count on us to provide you with the best and most practical storage facilities near you in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

What Can Storage Facilities Offer Me?

At Quality Storage, we provide you with storage facilities in Gauteng at affordable prices. We also have a wide selection of sizes and units. Because we care about our clients, we go all out to ensure that we provide the best storage facilities near Pretoria and Johannesburg. We know about the risks of storing goods, whether it is for short- or long-term storage, and we are able to provide you with what you need.

We have a wide selection of units that cater to all different types of assets. If you are in the business of storing and removing items on a regular basis (like people who buy and sell items on OLX), we are happy to provide you with easy access to your unit. Our driveways and walkways are designed to accommodate all the traffic needed to deliver or collect the items in your storage unit. This means that our driveways are wide enough for large trucks to get through. We also provide a traffic system that allows these large vehicles to turn around with ease.

So, whether you are just leaving some boxes and your small family vehicle, or whether you are entrusting the entire contents of your home to us in a large unit or multiple units, you are able to gain access with ease.

Are the Storage Facilities Near Me Safe?

One of our main priorities is safety. We realise that when you have to choose between storage facilities near you, safety and security play great roles in your decision. We know that the crime rate is sky high, and that storage facilities are prime targets when it comes to theft and break-ins. This is why we have ensured that our premises are surrounded with highly effective perimeter fencing, and that our security team is able to monitor those perimeters around the clock.

We also have state-of-the-art security systems that alert us when any of our security measures are breached, and we can react instantaneously. We protect our units with only one access and exit point, and access is protected by guards who are on duty around the clock to ensure that no unauthorised access can be gained to your storage unit. Even if you need to get to your goods after hours, you will be able to enter the premises safely to find your stored items in good condition and intact.

If you are constantly wondering about access to quality storage that will keep your assets in good condition, and asking yourself, ‘Are there any storage facilities near me that I can trust?”, all you have to do is contact our team at Quality Storage. We will provide the rest!

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