Want Private and Secure Storage in Pretoria or Johannesburg? Quality Storage can help!


Often, people are forced to find a safe refuge for their assets as a result of different situations. Sometimes people move to another country temporarily for work, other times people move into smaller apartments where they do not have enough space for all their furniture. Then there are the sellers who make a living from buying and selling things online, and they need a place to store the assets that they invest in.

If you are one of these people, and you need storage in Pretoria or Johannesburg, you need to be assured that your items are safe and protected at all times. This is why Quality Storage provides these services to a wide array of clients. Whether you need to store a vehicle while going away for a while, the contents of your home, or a safe haven for items for sale, we can deal with the demands that are required.

At Quality Storage, we know that affordable and safe storage in Pretoria or Johannesburg can be hard to find. The biggest risk is security. With our high crime rate, storage facilities need to have adequate security measures to ensure that the assets they store for their clients are safe at all times. This is why we have invested heavily in ensuring that our premises are properly fenced off, and that we have round-the-clock perimeter control and access control. This means that access can only be granted to viable customers, and that your assets are always safe when you use our storage in Pretoria.

In addition to safety and security, we also provide other safeguards. We go to great lengths to minimise the damage caused to the contents of our security units by vermin and dust. Each of our storage units in Pretoria is temperature controlled to ensure that dust and moisture are minimised, and we also provide regular vermin inspections and control in order to ensure that your assets remain in great condition when you use our storage in Pretoria.

We have a wide range of storage units of different sizes available for our clients, which means that whether you want to store a large container of furniture or even just a few items, we have the perfect sized unit for you. We help you get the best value for the storage in Pretoria you rent from us, and we do our best to ensure that only you have access to these units.

We know that a variety of vehicles need to gain access to the storage units – from big to small. Our vehicle lanes are manicured and kept free from debris at all times, and we can accommodate vehicles from large container trucks, to small family vehicles. This means that even if you have to deliver the entire contents of your home, the truck delivering it will have safe and easy access to your storage units.

If you are looking for storage in Pretoria or Johannesburg, give our team at Quality Storage a call.


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