Storage Near Pretoria

Looking for Superior Quality & Affordable Storage Near Pretoria East?


If you are looking for self-storage close to Pretoria East, there are things to consider before you sign up. While there are various storage facilities available across Gauteng, not all of them are able to offer facilities that are of good quality. Good-quality storage is that which is safe, secure, well-located, and of course, affordable. Does this sound like a tall order?

In some cases, it is. Many may find that the most affordable storage options are also those that are inconveniently located, or not as secure as they should. The last thing you want to do is travel too far or find that your unit is robbed of its valuables when you aren’t around. So, what’s the solution to this particular storage conundrum faced by so many in the Gauteng area? Quality Storage is the solution!

At Quality Storage, we take storage to the next level. Our storage facility is not your average self-storage site. In fact, our security measures are so stepped up that it’s virtually impossible to get away with trying to gain unauthorised access to our facility. While we have CCTV in place, we also have 24-hour security guards on patrol and keeping a very close eye on the premises and its perimeter at all times. If we don’t have a copy of your ID on file in our office, there is simply no way that you will be provided access to any of the units. Our alarm system, which is linked to ADT armed response, also incorporates beams across all unit doors and around the perimeter of the premises. If a criminal triggers the beams, the alarm will be activated and help will be on its way. For those criminals waiting for power failures to provide an opportunity to strike, don’t worry! We have a backup generator that ensures that all of our security measures simply never fail us.

Of course, while security is vitally important, the facilities also need to be geared towards taking exceptional care of your furniture, stock, vehicles, and other valuables. To ensure this, each unit is fully insulated, fire-proofed, water-proofed, and protected against dust and vermin. You couldn’t store your valuables in a more well-suited place. We aren’t just another warehouse offering cheap self-storage near Pretoria East. We offer superior-quality storage solutions to those looking for an alternative to the poor-quality storage options of the past.

Do you want to know more about what sets our storage facilities located close to Pretoria East apart from the rest? Get in touch with us via email or telephone, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants today.

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