Secure Storage Solutions

Storage Space Is Becoming Scarcer by the Day – What Are You Going to Do?


With record levels of urbanisation occurring across South Africa’s largest cities, space is becoming sparse, and traditional storage facilities, such as garages and carports, can no longer be used. The space is simply too valuable. What’s more, properties are becoming smaller and more compact to account for the greater need for accommodation in major cities like Pretoria and the surrounds, which means that people either need storage facilities for their possessions, or to downscale altogether.

It’s because of this, among many other reasons that the demand for secure storage facilities remains record high. We recognised the need for secure storage facilities in Pretoria, which is why we address this need. Our storage facilities are centrally located in a high-security, self-storage location in Pretoria. Established more than a decade ago, we’ve been providing secure storage solutions to clients in need of a reliable and safe space to store their possessions for years.

Different Sized Storage Units at Competitive Rates

There’s also no need to break the bank in order to afford access to reliable self-storage solutions. We offer a variety of storage units in different sizes, available at competitive rates. Our clean, well-maintained premises are known for their pest-free hygiene. You will have access to a safe and secure self-storage unit around the clock, throughout the year.

Our self-storage facility features two large entrances and exit gates, with wide paved roads in anticipation of accommodating large trucks. It also helps to bolster the security of the facility, knowing that there are only two ways to enter and exit. Thanks to this, you have even greater peace of mind knowing that your possessions are safe from intruders.

Insulated and Fireproof Storage Facilities in Pretoria

Are our storage facilities fire and waterproof? The answer is yes, they are. They’re also dust- and vermin-controlled. We can’t imagine anything more devastating than pitching up to a storage facility in a year’s time, only to realise that vermin accessed your boxes and soiled their contents. It’s because of this that we take a hard line on vermin control, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

What sizes of storage units do we offer? Good question. We’ve summarised our offering below:

  • 9 m2 (3×3)
  • 18 m2 (6×3)
  • 27 m2 (9×3)
  • 36 m2 (9×4)

Additionally, we also offer covered and open parking spaces at monthly rates. These are only a few of the many services you can expect when working with us. There is simply no need for you to accept an inferior solution to your self-storage needs. Our history of service speaks for itself.

Throughout our near decade and a half of celebrated service, we’ve helped countless South Africans store their goods in a safe and secure storage facility. For an affordable solution to your self-storage needs, and for dependable access to secure storage facilities, contact us today. We look forward to providing you with competitively priced storage solutions to all of your needs.

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