Storage Units Near Me

Are There Any Affordable And High-Quality Storage Units Near Me in Pretoria?


If you live in Gauteng and are asking yourself, “are there any storage facilities near me?”, we have the perfect answer for you. At Quality Storage, we have a range of units of various sizes, and we specialise in the storage of anything from old furniture and antiques, to household goods and new stock for shops. Not only do we provide high-quality storage units in Gauteng, but we are also ideally located where we are easy to reach by our clients. In addition to this, we provide great value for money and highly competitive prices.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our storage units near you in Pretoria:

  • Keeping it local: If you are asking “are there any available storage units near me where I can have regular access to my unit?”, the answer is a resounding “YES!” Because we are so ideally located, we are close to most of our clients in Gauteng, and those who need regular access to the goods in the storage units can easily drive here and retrieve what they need, or add more goods.
  • Cost effective: At Quality Storage, we provide outstanding value for money and some of the most competitive rates around. We have various storage packages that differ in duration of time and size of the unit. You will find it hard to beat our prices when you are wondering if there are any storage units near you.
  • Outstanding maintenance: Because we specialise in high-quality storage, we ensure that our units are kept dust-free and vermin-free. The common areas are cleaned on a daily basis to ensure that our units and the contents of these units remain in good shape for as long as they are stored with us.
  • Security: One of the main priorities of any storage unit provider should be security, and we certainly take it seriously. We have access control around the clock, and only authorised personnel and clients are allowed on our premises. This ensures that your goods are kept safe at all times.
  • Room to move: A mistake that many storage facilities make is that they don’t create enough room around the units to move freely. Our high-quality storage units near you can accommodate anything from a family vehicle to a large furniture truck, which means that even if you have to store large quantities of goods, your vehicle can get close enough to the storage units for easier loading.


If you are still asking yourself, “are there any decent and reliable storage units near me?”, just contact our team at Quality Storage.




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